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Red Button was founded in 2012 to help consumer packaged goods and service companies.  


Todd Troha, President & Chief Consultant, has an unconventional background that includes managing multi-million dollar brands for Fortune 100 companies, running a boutique marketing firm specializing in sustainability, co-founding a snack start-up and being a Navy helicopter pilot.

Want to hear some sea stories?  Let's grab a beer. 

Want to grow your business?  We do that to.


There are only two directions in business.  You are either growing or shrinking.

We all know that shrinking is painful but growth can be painful too if you are flying in the dark.

Red Button can help either way.

Red Button's expertise in consumer-focused companies can help you avoid

"growth potholes" so you can focus on running the business.  

Specializing in Food & Beverage

Veteran-Owned & Operated

  • Business Strategy

  • Brand Marketing

  • Sales & Sales Operations

  • Product Management

  • New Product Development

  • Financial Modeling

  • Production Forecasting

  • Organizational Development

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